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Enhance your yoga practice with our 20-minute yoga audio programs, and take yoga wherever you go!


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Each 20-minute audio allows you to focus on your yoga practice through clear, guided instructions accompanied by gentle music and a related meditation. 


Visit to view,

 hear samples, and download our 20-minute yoga audio selections and 10-minute meditation audios. It's easy!


1. Visit the Sun Spirit Yoga page on

    (search Sun Spirit Yoga or click on the link above)


2. Review the available audios, listen to samples.


3. Select the audios to add to your collection

         - 20-Minute Yoga Audios are $2.99 each

         - 10-Minute Yoga Meditations are $1.99 each


4. Create a CDBaby account (this is a one-time registration)


5. Pay securly through PayPal or a Credit Card


6. Download the MP3 audio to your desktop


7. Move the MP3 audio file to your player (you can just click and drag it to your iTunes play list) or burn it to a CD


8. Practice yoga wherever you are!


Enjoy, and thank you for your support. Feel free to email me with ideas and suggestions for other audios or post a review on CDBaby. Namaste!


Need a Longer Practice?

Try my 40-Minute Yoga Audio CD!


Take this 40-minute yoga audio CD with you wherever you go!  It's only available through me, so email me if you'd like a copy! It's only $8 or a punch on your Sun Spirit Yoga punch card!


20-Minute Yoga Audios:

  • Rejuvenate
  • Energy
  • Stress Relief
  • Peace (coming soon)
  • Relaxation

10-Minute Meditation Audio:

  • Living in Balance

Go to and search on Sun Spirit Yoga to download these audios!